Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sex and Candy and Blood and Soup

True Blood is getting REALLY good. I'll start by saying that this is probably the first show I've ever been loyal to, that I've stayed completely un-spoiled on. I haven't read any of the books, I haven't looked to TWoP for speculation or spoilers, and I haven't even read any of the plots of the rest of the season's episodes. I'm even trying to steer clear of the TWoP forums for a few days after each episode, so that my own thoughts don't get muddled by other people's ideas, before I can get them all in order. So, these thoughts on the subject are spoiler-free and haven't been tampered with by others.

Right now, we're up to Season 2, Episode 7 (Release Me). So, if you're not up to date and don't want to be spoiled on anything, stop reading now.


I'm sick of Maryann. I hope this story has a damn good ending, because if it doesn't just surprise the shit out of me, I'm going to be VERY disappointed that we had to waste so much time on it. We've known for 2 or 3 episodes now, that Maryann was the creature that attacked Sookie at the start of the season. Was this past episode's opening supposed to be a big surprise? I'm also sick of Eggs, but I'm worried about Karl. Where was he this episode? And why do I care?

Anyway, I am glad that Tara finally seems to be starting to wake the hell up about all the weirdness going on in Bon Temps. Her conversation with Arlene about how Arlene has possibly date-raped Terry, was some funny business (never thought I'd be saying possible-date-rape = LMAO). However, now I'm even more worried about Terry than I am about Karl. I hope he hasn't gotten into any trouble stemming from the orgy-arm-breaking of Andy. And by the way, POOR Andy. I know he's just the town drunk at this point, but he's finally right about something for once. And now that the PIIIIIIGGGGGGG is gone, he won't have any evidence to prove himself right. I hope that Sam speaks up for him soon.

Speaking of Sam, I'm glad we finally got to see him shift into something other than the Collie. Don't get me wrong, the dog is fabulous and adorable, but that owl shift was pretty neat. I can't figure out where this will go with him. Of course I hope he is around for further seasons, but I can't see how this will be a good ending for him. Can Maryann even be destroyed, or will she seek him out forever? And, the fact that Daphne basically said that even if Sam sacrifices himself, Maryann will still keep Bon Temps as her own personal project, doesn't bode well for the town. I know they'll wrap the Maryann story up sometime soon, but I can't even imagine how it will be done.

Moving on to Lorena and Bill... they are an interesting couple. I know few others agree with me on that , but I find their relationship fascinating. I'm glad that it seems Lorena might be around for a while. I want to hear more about their first 70-ish years together. I also REALLY want to see Sookie's reaction to Lorena. However, I am terrified to see Lorena's reaction to Jessica. There's no way Lorena will be happy to have that particular competition. Kudos to Bill for not bringing Jessica up to her yet.

Speaking of Jessica, I LOVE Jessica. She's my favorite character of the whole series. I would watch a cheesy sitcom of her and Hoyt all Dick Van Dyke-style. Seriously. It would be precious. Oh, Hoyt! But, you know the pessimist in me thinks things will likely end badly for poor virgin Hoyt. Either Lorena will not approve and will dispose of him herself, or Jessica will get going and not be able to stop before she drains him. I truly hope they can live happy ever after, but I know they won't.

All of my other favorites were kind of boring this episode. Not much happened with Eric. And by the way, I didn't like Eric at all last season, but as soon as he said, "Do I have blood in my hair?" I was smitten. Lafayette still isn't back either. He was playing the role of Lafayette, but that wasn't the real deal. He's a broken bitch and I'm ready to have him back. I don't think we'll ever truly get him back though, and that makes me so sad.

I am glad to see that the stuff with Jason is finally getting less dull... just as it's coming to an end. I don't think Sarah shot him with a real gun. I think it looked like one of those paintball guns that Jason and creepy-rev were using a few episodes back. Either that, or Jason was dreaming. I don't know, but I'm anxious to find out. The rest of the Fellowship of the Sun stuff is going to get crazy, I'm sure. I can't figure out how Bill or Eric or whoever will save Sookie. But, I kinda hope it's Jason that does instead. I have a feeling he'll be locked up down there with her soon. Also, poor Hugo... he's never going to get turned now.

So, to sum things up, I think that was possibly the best last 10 seconds of an episode of anything ever on TV (the last 10 seconds of The Sopranos finale being the worst!)

I am pretty sure that Godric just Glamoured me.