Tuesday, August 11, 2009

We Have a Cuddler

As most of you probably already know, Keith and I brought a kitten home from Altus this past March. Her name is Cami and she is now about 10 months old. She keeps us on our toes and I honestly think we've both been in better moods since she's arrived. There's never a dull moment. She's Keith's first true indoor-only cat, and it's a lot of fun watching him with her. I'm definitely a cat person, I always have been; I'm starting to suspect he is as well.

Cami weighs about 6lbs now. I must say, if she doesn't get to growing, she will be the smallest cat I've ever had, by at least half. We usually tend to grow them pretty big on my side of the family. However, even at her small size, she's still able to take up approximately 3/4 of the king sized bed at night. I do love that she sleeps with us though. I've missed that presence in my life for the past 10 years. I had to go and purchase some lighter colored sheets, as I am constantly afraid I'm going to come back to bed in the middle of the night and squish her. I'm not completely confident that she's smart enough to get out of the way. I'm kidding; well, I'm half kidding.

She is an excellent snuggler, when she's in the mood. And she is usually in the mood. I've actually got a kitty lap-blanket happening as I type this. Almost every day, when I get home from work, Cami and Keith are snuggled up on the couch. It's pretty adorable.*

Anyway, I know that not all of you are into cats, and that's fine... even if I do think it's a little weird. But no matter what, you have to admit that there's nothing like the love and snuggles of a four-legged friend.

So, even though our day is now full of special** cat food, flushable cat litter, and a little bit of feline acne, it's also full of laughs and I'm very happy about that.

* see the photo at the top of this post
** or in other words, ridiculously overpriced


Shanna Payne said...

how cute! i wish buddy would cuddle with me like that. he has cuddled a couple times when i was sick from getting my teeth worked on but thats about the only time he has cuddled with me lol

Anonymous said...

I have a kitten too. She is a Torti/Maine Coon and her name is Reesie...because she looks like a Reeses peanut butter cup. I love her so much. Shes not much of a cuddler, because she is so curious and we have two schnauzers that she loves to play with. Hopefully the older she gets the sweeter she'll be. Oh and she is pretty whiney in the morning too.

Tisha_ said...

Julie, Cami is named Cami because she looks camoflauged. LOL But Reeses would fit her too. Just love her coloring.

Jennifer G. said...

She is adorable! She looks a lot like the gray tabby I had -- Tatum (we ended up calling her "Tatie" most of the time). I got her as a kitten when I first moved to Norman for grad school. We had her (and her brother, an orange tabby) until she was 17! We've been petless since January for the first time since 1989. In some ways it is nice but I sure miss it in lots of other ways.

Tisha_ said...

Aww! What happened to your adorable doggies? They were always great to see when I was babysitting Casey!

Seryus23 said...

I am so loving the picture!! How sweet.

J Goodson said...

Bailey the corgi passed away in March 2008. He had developed degenerative myelopathy, which is a disease corgis sometimes get later in life. He had lost the use of his back legs but we had gotten him a little doggie wheelchair he was in the last 18 months or so. He was my special dog -- the only animal we'd ever had that loved me best. He was 13. Kelsey the American Eskimo (and therapy dog) died in January of this year. She developed kidney failure and went from healthy to really bad very fast. She was at least 15 and had been very healthy up to the kidney failure. I really miss them both a lot.

Tisha_ said...

@ Seryus23: She is pretty cute, huh???

@ J Goodson: I am SO sorry to hear about your adorable dogs. I bet Bailey was a hoot in his wheelchair... he was such a sweetie. They both lived good long lives, and that's all we can ask for.

Anonymous said...

Cami is really the sweetest cat! I love to take care of Cami and Jaz when you guys are gone. "The Dude" has become my cuddler. I think he took on that job after Moe died, in memory of Moe.