Monday, August 24, 2009

Random Review - Bricktown Candy Co.

Bricktown Candy Co.
100 E. California Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 600-9009

Monday: CLOSED
Tuesday - Saturday: 11am to 10pm
Sunday: 12pm to 6pm

Last weekend, Keith and I took a trip on the motorcycle. We had planned on going to Red Rock Canyon, but only got as far as El Reno. The temperature was in the high 90s that day, and we ran out of steam on the idea pretty quickly. We took a little detour on our way home, and ended up in Bricktown.

Since there is motorcycle parking in Bricktown now, we were able to park and take a walk around to see a few new things the area has to offer. We spent about an hour in the new Coyote Ugly bar, and then ventured back out into the heat. Heading toward California, I noticed a sign advertising a place selling gelato. Keith and I turned the corner, and there it was; The Bricktown Candy Co. was open for business, so we headed inside.

When you walk in, you can tell the place is new. It's only been open since June of this year, so it still seems like a work in progress. However, the lack of decor or general theme, doesn't take away from the fun experience. They sell bulk candy by the ounce. You can find M&Ms and Sixlets in every color, Swedish Fish, Chocolate Covered Peanuts, Spree, and almost anything else you can think of. I also noticed that they have old fashioned candy bars at the counter. They sell Big Hunk, Charleston Chew, and Clark bars, to name a few.

Besides the bulk candy and candy bars, the Bricktown Candy Co. has a couple of other items they specialize in. They boast over 100 flavors of bottled soda pop. You can even mix and match your own six pack. It's not quite as many flavors as Pops on Route 66, but it's enough to keep your attention for while.

In the back room, they keep the best part of the entire store; That's where the gelato bar is. For those who don't know, gelato is basically Italy's version of ice cream. I must say, Italy is definitely doing something right in that respect.

The price of the gelato seemed a little high - $3.50 for the smallest size and $5.00 for a large - but we tried a it anyway. After sampling the White Chocolate and the Banana Caramel Praline, I decided on the latter. It did not disappoint. It was excellent and reminded me of banana pudding with pecans. Keith sampled a few other flavors, but opted for the Tiramisu. It was wonderful and was very true to flavor.

Though we were wary of the price at first, the amount we got was plenty. We both got the small size. The flavors were very rich and satisfying, and I did not feel cheated in any way. I guess you get what you pay for, when it comes to gelato.

In closing, I can't recommend this place enough. I think it was an excellent idea, to put a candy shop in Bricktown. It will be great for tourists, as well as locals. So, go and enjoy it. It's a great little piece of downtown OKC.

Side note: The Bricktown Candy Co. doesn't seem to have a website of their own yet, but I did find this story from the Oklahoman.

Bricktown area gets sweeter for visitors
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Edited to correct gelato price, and add a note from the proprietor: "Bricktown Candy has Sugar Free Candy and Soda. An error in ordering the Gelato has put us in a place of not having a sugar free gelato at this time. Our next order will have sugar free flavors."


Anonymous said...

I love your blog. I think you are a terrific writer. You keep me interested and coming back to read about your next adventure.

Tisha_ said...

Thanks. :-) I wish I knew who I was thanking though. lol

Anonymous said...

I want to go to the Candy Store! Did you notice if they had anything sugar free?

Tisha_ said...

They probably do, but I'm not sure.

Anonymous said...

Bricktown Candy has Sugar Free Candy and Soda. An error in ordering the Gelato has put us in a place of not having a sugar free gelato at this time. Our next order will have sugar free flavors. Small Gelato is 3.50 and large is 5.00. Thanks for the review. Someone sent it to me. We still have a ways to go on the decor but we make strides when we can.

Tisha_ said...

Wow... thanks for the comments. I'll be sure to correct the price. I am sorry about that.

I'll be sure to let my mom know you'll have the sugar free gelato soon. She was the one that asked.

Thanks so much!

BricktownCandy said...

We do have Sugar Free Candies and Soda. At this time we do not have Sugar Free Gelato. Long Story short I did not think to order it the first round and it locked us into about anther month of the flavors we have. The price on the Gelato is 3.50 / Small and 5.00 / Large. Come see us and we are glad you blogged about us.

BricktownCandy said...

it did work. I put another post as I did not think it worked.... sorry.