Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Picture Pages - My Earliest Memory

Just a few notes of interest for this photo:

1. This photo possibly represents my earliest conscious memory. I remember them shoving cake into each other's mouths. I'm pretty sure that's a true memory.

2. I was 3 in 1980, which is the year this photo was taken. My Aunt Becky (left) was around 19 or 20. I'm not sure how old Brian (right) was, but I'd guess maybe 22 at most.

3. That's my Grandma in the middle. This photo was taken in her kitchen, during Brian and Becky's wedding reception.

4. I remember that wallpaper and those curtains. I even remember the curtains in the enclosed back porch - through the door, behind Grandma. And, I just have to mention it again - that wallpaper!!! - that wallpaper is epic.

5. I still know the number that would make that big black phone on the wall ring. I've called it a few times in the past 12 years. Someone else answers it now.

6. One of the other, most vivid memories of my life, was in that same room. It was a Saturday in the mid 90s, and my parents and I were there for our Saturday visit. The phone rang, and we found out that Brian had died. He was my uncle by marriage, and that marriage had ended a few years before, but he was still a part of our family. He was my cousin Kristen's dad, and we all loved him. RIP Brian.