Monday, August 31, 2009

Product Review - Edy's Thin Mint Ice Cream

When I first heard about this Special Edition ice cream last year, I was so excited. Thin Mints have always been my favorite Girl Scout cookies, and I especially love them when they're cold. Sounds like this ice cream would be perfect for me, right? Well, it's not.

Thin Mint Ice Cream

After I first heard about the Special Edition flavor, I searched online to see if this ice cream was available in my area, but it wasn't. Then, last month, I just happened to see it in my local Homeland. Of course, I had to get some. After we got home from the store, I opened the container, and was surprised to see that it was chocolate ice cream. I'm not sure why I was so surprised, as the picture on the front clearly shows that it is chocolate, but I was expecting vanilla ice cream with thin mint pieces.

I tried my first bite, and was not impressed. The texture was very grainy and the chocolate ice cream did not have a good flavor. That was odd, because Edy's is usually a very good ice cream. Their vanilla is wonderful.

Long story short, I will not be having this Thin Mint ice cream again. It was not good - not even for a Thin Mint and Chocolate lover like me.

After looking at the website today, I notice that this flavor is only supposed to be available from January through April. That worries me a little, as I bought mine in July. Maybe that's the problem. Maybe mine was just old. I also notice, that the website describes the ice cream as follows: "A refreshing and original flavor that combines white mint light ice cream and Thin Mint cookies. Be sure to get as much of this deLightful Limited Edition flavor as you can now, while supplies last."

Edy's Thin Mint Cookie

What the hell? Mine was chocolate. Now I'm just confused. Maybe I'll put a note in my calendar, to keep an eye out for Thin Mint ice cream meeting THIS description, next January.


Shanna said...

i seen this ice cream alot in united. i've never really paid much attention to it, but yes i've seen it here. maybe even at walmart. but its not a certain time of year though. i look for ice cream deals every week :) but maybe ours is old too? or maybe they just keep it in stock?? who knows!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you bought the regular full fat Edy's Girl Scout Thin Mint ice cream. The chocolate Edy's thin mint ice cream is not half the fat. The half the fat version is a light mint ice cream with thin mint cookies.